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Tony Asmar

15 Aug 2016
the corrupt and ungrateful lebanese politicians, who were described as(( fromagistes, ) in reference to their unlimited gourmandism and money grabbing desire, joined all their efforts against this clean president who was trying to establish law and order in the country. Today as corruption and bribery became a common practice, the ordinary citizen started to realize the need for having clean men like president Chehab. RIP Obviously we do not deserve you
Ziad Nohra

23 Oct 2015
Comme vous manquez au Liban en cet instant historique bien cher Général. Les grands hommes passent mais leurs œoeuvres ainsi que leur mémoire candide et pure demeurent. Vous avez été un modèle de droiture et de dévouement sans limites pour votre patrie. Que votre héritage et souvenir se transmettent de génération en génération à travers ta fondation et ceux qui te sont fidèles face à l'ingratitude des fromagistes libanais qui ne méritent même pas de respirer l'air pur de ce si beau Liban
George Zein

3 Sep 2015
Lebanon is need of President that follow the way President Chehab way and rule of governing.

4 Sep 2015
Best president to come to Lebanon. His words still resonate and his work was unique.

23 Nov 2014
Thank you for this excellent and comprehensive site.

I am wondering about the existence of a Chehabite party. Is there one in Lebanon now or anything like it? And how can one join.