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This collection includes 3 pages of video clips:
Page 1:
- A pictorial-musical tribute.
- A portrait from NBN (2001).
- A documentary by LBC (1996) in 5 parts.
- A report on MTV.
- A report on the 1959 Summit with Nasser on the Lebanese-Syrian border.
Page 2:
- Kamal Joumblatt on Fouad Chehab.
- Excerpts from a talk-show on NBN (2001).
- Excerpts from a talk-show on LBC (1998) with Minister Fouad Boutros and General Ahmad El Hajj speaking about President Chehab and Chehabism.
Page 3:
- Excerpts from a talk-show on Future TV (2010) with General Jean Nassif, Emir Abdallah Chehab, Emira Claire Chehab, Dr. Nawaf Kabbara and journalist Nicolas Nassif speaking about President Chehab, his house, his personal office and the Fouad Chehab Foundation.
- A documentary on Minister Fouad Boutros - 2016.

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A pictorial musical tribute

Portrait (NBN, 2001)

(Includes a description of President Chehab's mandate
and a summary of his reforms)

Documentary (LBC, 1996)

Part 1 (includes a visit to President's Chehab personal office)

Part 2 (Includes an audio from the 1962 Independence Day speech)

Part 3 (Includes a summary of President Chehab's mandate and reforms attempt)

Part 4 (Includes his resignation in 1960 and his refusal to run for a 2nd mandate in 1964 and in 1970)

Part 5 (Includes President Chehab's death and the condolences)

Report on President Fouad Chehab's Mandate - MTV

Chehab-Nasser 1959 Summit

The Fouad Chehab - Gamal Abdel Nasser 1959 Summit at the Lebanese-Syrian border
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