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Event on President Chehab's memorial day
24 April 2012 - UNESCO Palace, Beirut

On 24th April 2012, a special event was organized by the Fouad Chehab Foundation at the UNESCO Palace, Beirut, for the occasion of the anniversary of President Chehab's death. The event was under the patronage of President Michel Suleiman.

The speakers were President Hussein El Husseini, ex-Minister Jean Obeid, Mr Stéphane Malsagne, author of the book "Fouad Chéhab 1902-1973 - Une Figure Oubliée de l'Histoire Libanaise" published in France in October 2011, and Mr Shafic Muharram, President of the Fouad Chehab Foundation.

Present at the event were Minister of the Environment Nazem El Khoury, representing the President of the Republic, Michel Suleiman, the President of the Assembly, Nabih Berri and the Prime Minister, Nagib Mikati; Minister of Labor Selim Jreissati; General Nasrat Ghattas representing the Minister of Defense Fayez Ghosn and Army Commander General Jean Kahwaji; MP Edgard Maalouf representing General Michel Aoun; MPs Abdel Lafit Al Zein, Antoun Saad and Fouad Saad; Father Boutros Azar representing Patriarch Bechara Al Rahi; the President of the State Constitutional Council, Issam Suleiman; representatives of the state security services commanders; ex-Ministers Nayla Moawad and Sami El Khatib; ex-Army Commander General Ibrahim Tannous; in addition to ex-Ministers, ex-MPs, retired Army officers, various religious, political, public and media figures, and the members of the Fouad Chehab Foundation...

The event started with the Lebanese National Anthem, followed by a brief documentary on President Chehab and his achievements. Journalist Michel Maaiki presented the speakers.

The Speeches:

- President Hussein El Husseini
- Minister Jean Obeid
- Mr Stephane Malsagne
(French - Arabic)
- Mr Shafic Muharram
- Mr Michel Maaiki
. .

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