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1st National Conference on Chehabism
5 April 2014 - Central College, Jounieh

On 5th April 2014, the 1st National Conference event was organized by the Fouad Chehab Foundation at the Central College for the Lebanese Monks Jounieh, run by the Lebanese Maronite Order and located opposite to President Chehab's house. The event was under the patronage of President Michel Suleiman.

The location of the event was decided following the agreement between the Fouad Chehab Foundation and the Lebanese Maronite Order that the latter takes over the restoration of President Chehab's house to convert it into a library and a museum holding President Chehab's name.

The theme of the conference which marked the 41st Anniversary of President Chehab's death was: "Chehabism: A State for the Citizen".

The conference consisted of three seminars: (InvitationSchedule)
Seminar 1 : “Lebanon's Foreign Policy under Chehabism and today”
Speakers: Former minister Georges Corm - Dr Ziad Hafez
Coordinators: Ambassador Khalil Makkawi - Journalist Kamil Menassah
Seminar 2 : “The State of Institutions: Modernisation of the System”
Speakers: Former minister Ziad Baroud - Former minister Demianos Kattar
Coordinators: Dr Hassan Awada – Journalist Nicolas Nassif
Seminar 3 : “Chehabism's vision on Development - Planning & Development Challenges”
Speakers: Former minister Charbel Nahhas – Dr Boutros Labaki
Coordinators: Former minister Adel Hamiyeh - Former minister Sami Minkara

Also present at the event were Minister Abd El Matlab Hennaoui representing the President of the Republic Michel Suleiman; MP Nemtallah Abi Al Nasr representing the President of the Assembly Nabih Berri; Minister Alice Chabtini representing Prime Minister Tammam Salam; former President of the Assembly Hussein El Husseini; former ministers Nazem Khoury, Wadih Khazen, Mohammad Youssef Baydoun; former MP Kamil Ziyadeh; General Mikhael Habis representing Army Commander General Jean Kahwaji; representatives of the heads of the national security institutions; representative of the Mufti of the Republic; president of Kesrwan's Federation of Municipalities Nouhad Nawfal; former governor of Central Bank Sheikh Michel El Khoury; members of the Chehab family; various political and public figures and the members of the Fouad Chehab Foundation.

Journalist Michel Maaiki was the presenter. The event started with the Lebanese National Anthem, followed by two welcoming speeches by the president of the Fouad Chehab Foundation Shafik Moharram and the head of the Central College for the Lebanese Monks Jounieh, Father Wadih Skayyem, followed by a brief documentary on President Chehab and his achievements.

Next, Minister Abd El Matlab Hennaoui, representing the President of the Republic Michel Suleiman, gave a speech, before the seminars started.

At the end of the 3 successive seminars, the attendees walked to President Chehab's house for a guided visit of the place to check the preparation works for renovation.

The Speeches:

- Father Wadih Skayyem
- H.E. Georges Corm
- Dr Ziad Hafez
- H.E. Ziad Baroud
- H.E. Demianos Kattar
- H.E. Charbel Nahhas
- Dr Boutros Labaki

In the Media:

- Al Anwar
- Assafir
- Annahar
- L'Orient-Le-Jour



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