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Commemorative event on President Chehab's 40th memorial
23 April 2013 - St Joseph University, Beirut

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of President Chehab's departure, and under the patronage of President Michel Suleiman, the Fouad Chehab Foundation held a commemorative event in his memory, at the Saint Joseph University premises (Social Sciences branch) in Beirut.

The speakers at the event were H.E. Fouad Boutros (Honorary President of the Fouad Chehab Foundation. Represented at the event by Me Nabil Younes), H.E. Michel Eddeh (Absent due to sickness - His speech was read by the event's facilitator journalist Michel Maaiki), prominent journalist Talal Salman, Dr Nawaf Kabbara (Professor in Political Sciences and member of the Foundation) and Mr Chafik Mouharram (President of the Foundation).

The Minister of Environment Nazem El Khoury represented the President of the Republic Michel Suleiman, and Prime Minister Najib Mikati.
Also present were the Ambassador of France Patrice Paoli; the ex-President of the Assembly Hussein El Husseini; Mr Sejaan Al Azzi representing ex-President Amine Gemayel; General Ali Hammud representing Army Commander General Jean Kahwaji; MP Jean Ogassapian representing ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri; MP Edgard Maalouf representing General Michel Aoun; Me Walid Sfeir representing MP Walid Joumblatt; Sheikh Salaheldinne Fakhri representing the Mufti Muhammad Kabbani; Bishop Alexis Mufarrej representing Othodox Archbishop of Beirut Elias Awadi; MPs Abdelatif Al Zein, Fouad Saad, Antoun Saad and Jamal Al Jarrah; representatives of the state security services commanders; ex-Ministers and ex-MPs Michel Sassine, Sheikh Michel El Khoury, Osman Al Dana, Adel Hamiyyeh, Sami Minkara and Youssef Salameh; the Secretary General of the National Committee for Islamo-Christian Dialogue, Harès Chehab; the President of the Higher Metn Municipalities Union, Karim Sarkis; the President of the Jounieh Municipality, Antoine Frem; in addition to retired officers, various political, economical, municipal, social and media personalities, members of the Fouad Chehab Foundation including honorary president General Ahmad El Hajj, members of President Chehab's family and the general public...

Starting with the Lebanese National anthem, the event included a video documentary on President Chehab and his presidential mandate’s achievements. The speakers were introduced by the member of the Foundation, journalist Michel Maaiki. After Mr Moharram's ending speech, the Foundation's honorary souvenir was presented to Me Toufic Kfoury author of the new book "Chehabism - A school of Visionary Modernisation".

The Speeches:

- H.E. Fouad Boutros
- H.E. Michel Eddeh
- Journalist Talal Salman
- Dr Nawaf Kabbara
- Mr Chafik Mouharram


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