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"Fouad Boutros's Chehabism"
An event to honor Fouad Boutros
4 October 2016 - St Joseph University, Beirut

In honour to former Minister Fouad Boutros, who passed away in the beginning of the year at the age of 98, the Fouad Chehab Foundation organised a special event to show respect to its founder and honorary president, who was one of the closest assistants to President Chehab.

The event took place at the St Joseph University in Beirut, the Pierre Abou Khater auditorium. The speakers for the occasion were: Dr Chafik Muharram, President of the Foundation, Dr Charles Rizk, former Minister and former vice-president of the Foundation, Mr Sarkis Naoum, prominent journalist and close friend of Minister Boutros, and George Fouad Boutros, the son of the regretted.

Were present: Former President of the Republic, Michel Suleiman, former President of the Assembly, Hussein El Husseini, MP Muhamad Kabbani representing the President of the Assembly Nabih Berri and the Prime Minister Tammam Salam, Mr Rafik Ghanem representing former President of the Republic Amine Gemayel, MP Jean Oghasapian representing former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, MP Atef Majdalani representing former Prime Minister Fouad Seniora, former Minister Nicolas Nahhas representing former Prime Minister Nagib Mikati, ministers Michel Pharaon and Rony Arayji, General Adnan Saiid representing Minister of Defense Samir Mokbel and Commander in Chief of the Army General Jean Kahwaji. Also present were MPs: Marwan Hamade, Antoun Saad, Toni Abou Khater and Ahmad Fatfat, the Roman Orthodox metropolitan of Beirut Bishop Elias Awdeh, representatives of the security instances, former ministers: Tarek Mitri, Joe sarkis, Michel El Khoury, Nayla Moawad, Nazem El Khoury and Fares Boueiz; Mrs Mona Hrawi wife of former President of the Republic, Elias Hrawi, head of the AUB Fadlo Khoury, former MP Kamil Ziyadeh, in addition to the members of the Fouad Chehab Foundation, the members of Minister Boutros's family and a crowd of political and media personalities.

The event was inaugurated by the National Anthem. The presentation of the speakers was done by lawyer Toufik Kfoury. Dr Chafik Muharram was the first speaker. His speech was followed by a video documentary on Minister Boutros's political life and achievements with focus on his link with President Chehab. Next were the speakers, Dr Charles Rizk, journalist Sarkis Naoum and Minister Boutros's son, George Boutros, who thanks the Fouad Chehab Foundation and all those present for honouring his late father.

The event ended with the presentation of an honorary shield from the Fouad Chehab Foundation, to Mr George Boutros.

The Speeches:

- Dr Chafik Mouharram
- Dr Charles Rizk
- Mr Sarkis Naoum
- Mr George Fouad Boutros

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